Home to plants and the people that love them.

A Community Based Plant Shop

We aren't just a plant shop. We hope you leave with more than a plant. We hope you have gained knowledge either from owner Barry Greene or other plant pals. You can look forward to repotting sessions, DIY tutorials, and plant swaps.

Here you can bring a difficult plant or one you've grown apart from and pick up one more in line with your growing taste at our swap station. We've all been there. We understand.

One Stop Plant Shop

Plant Care = Self Care

We understand how theraputic caring for your plants are. We also know how tough it can't be when you can't seem to figure out what is going on. If you have any questions, send us a note and we'll work through it together or schedule a one time free in-store one-one consultation for more detailed questions.

We also offer private shopping sessions, house calls and local delivery, as well as plant styling and maintenance for local businesses.